NINE Theatricals
continues to perform at libraries
and Senior Citizen venues
throughout New Jersey

Over the past number of years, a group from Nine Theatricals has been performing at various libraries throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties, as well as at a number of senior communities, under the direction of Linda Turash.

We've been entertaining audiences with such shows as Just Imagine, Jest Plain Funny, Sheldon & Mrs Levine and VINTAGE HITCHCOCK: A Live Radio Play.  We've now added Contempt of Court, written by David Landau & Nikki Stern.

Contempt of Court
Written by
David Landau & Nikki Stern

Contempt of Court is an interactive comedy.  It's a typical night at Judge Judy's Peoples Night court.  Audience members become plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and jury in some of the most outlandishly funny lawsuits ever to doublecross the bench.  

This hilarious comedy sendup of all those TV court shows proves that some people really have a "Contempt of Court."

Ocean County Presentations

Stafford Library - March 29th - 2:00pm
129 N. Main St. Manahawkin NJ
Call (609) 597-3381 To Register

Berkeley Library - April 1st - 7:00pm
30 Station Rd. Bayville NJ
Call (732) 269-2144 To Register

Lakewood Library - April 12th - 2:00pm
301 Lexington Ave. Lakewood NJ
Call (732) 363-1435 To Register

Harrogate - April 22 - 7:00pm
400 Locust st. Lakewood NJ

Monmouth County Presentations

Howell Library - May 17th - 2:00pm
318 Old Tavern Rd. Howell NJ

Wall Library June 7th - 2:00pm
2700 Allaire Rd. Wall NJ
Registration Info To Be Posted
For Monmouth County Productions

Sheldon and Mrs. Levine

Be transported into the insanely hilarious comedy of an ultra-possessive mother and her 31 year-old neurotic, runaway son, told thourgh their exchange of outrageious dysfunctional letters.

Lakewood Library - February 16 - 2:00pm
301 Lexington Ave. Lakewood NJ
Call (732) 363-1435 To Register

Barnegat Library - April 15 - 7:00pm
112 Burr Street, Barnegat, NJ 08005
Call (609) 698-3331 To Register

NINE Theatricals Productions

JUST IMAGINE, by Linda Turash, centers on 3 adults from different walks of life who escape to the library on a daily basis to read. Various scenes, short plays, and monologues are presented through the eyes of the readers. Playwrights include Tennessee Williams, Lillian Hellman, Neil Simon & Christopher Durang, among others.

JEST PLAIN FUNNY is a montage of very funny sketches written by Eric Coble and the writers of the Carol Burnett show. The skits are the originals straight from the show. The sketches include a mail order bride meeting her much older intended husband, a spoof about a soap opera entitled "As The Stomach Turns," and a hysterical take on the well known movie Love Story.

SHELDON AND MRS. LEVINE, by Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein, is the insanely hilarious comedy of an ultra-possessive mother and her 31-year-old neurotic, runaway son, told through their exchange of outrageous and dysfunctional letters.

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