NINE Theatricals
continues to perform at libraries
and Senior Citizen venues
throughout New Jersey

Over the past number of years, a group from Nine Theatricals has been performing at various libraries throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties, as well as at a number of senior communities, under the direction of Linda Turash.

We've been entertaining audiences with such shows as Just Imagine, Jest Plain Funny, Sheldon & Mrs Levine and VINTAGE HITCHCOCK: A Live Radio Play,   and Contempt of Court.  We're currently presenting The Boardwalk Plays.

Boardwalk Plays Graphic 

The Boardwalk Plays

A series of one act playlets written by Ed Shakespeare.  This summer our production includes two of these plus an additional play written by Linda Turash

Cheap Therapy
Written by Ed Shakespeare

Dr. Seltzer squirts people's problems away from his cart on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Under the Elephant
Written by Ed Shakespeare

Seniors meet once a week in Margate to
plan a revolution "geezer style."

Surf City Stars
Written by Linda Turash

A talent show "senior style" including backstage antics, poetry, singing, a monologue.... with audience participation!

July 2nd Long Beach Island Branch
Ocean County Library

July 10th - Eastern Branch - Shrewsbury
Monmouth County Librarly

July 28th - Tuckerton Branch
Ocean County Librarary

July 30th Harrogate
Lakewood, NJ

Also This Summer....

Contempt of Court
Written by
David Landau & Nikki Stern

Contempt of Court is an interactive comedy.  It's a typical night at Judge Judy's Peoples Night court.  Audience members become plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and jury in some of the most outlandishly funny lawsuits ever to doublecross the bench.  

This hilarious comedy sendup of all those TV court shows proves that some people really have a "Contempt of Court."

Renaissance Community
Manchester, NJ
August 10th

Coming This Fall!

Miracle on 34st Graphic

Miracle On 34th Street

We welcome anyone interested in being in, or helping out with this show to contact director Bob Lamb at 732-462-4329

This Holiday radio-style performance is sure to delight.  Will be available for bookings from
Nov. 18th through December 18th.


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